G Suite For Education

Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, El Paso Academy will be utilizing G Suite for Education to facilitate online learning for students and faculty. This requires that students and faculty receive an @elpacademy.org email address.
Sign in to G Suite for Education.
Instructions for logging into G Suite.

What is G Suite For Education?

G Suite for Education is a bundle of online applications provided through Google that allows students and faculty to easily communicate, collaborate, and store information electronically in a secure environment. The following applications will be available:

  • Calendar - online calendar for easy coordination of work or class schedules, meetings, and events online
  • Classroom - application for creating, sharing, collaborating, and grading assignments
  • Drive - online file storage. This will allow for students and teachers to create, upload, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more
  • Gmail - application for sending emails using Google

For more information about Google G Suite for Education and the available applications, visit the official G Suite For Education website.

Who Can Access G Suite?

Students and faculty will receive their @elpacademy.org email address and password from El Paso Academy. Once provided, students and faculty can sign in via accounts.google.com/signin.

G Suite for Education is a safe, secure environment that is monitored by El Paso Academy and Google. As such, students and faculty may access from any device with internet access.

There is no parent portal for G Suite. However, parents/guardians are encouraged to log in to G Suite for Education with their child and explore the available applications. If a student refuses to allow a parent/guardian into their G Suite account, the parent/guardian may request access from El Paso Academy in order to view the student's account.

Misuse of G Suite

Students and faculty should keep the following in mind when using G Suite for Education:

  • Never share your G Suite for Education password
  • Using G Suite for Education outside of school is the same as using it in school. Students and faculty are responsible for following all guidelines as described in the Student Handbook
  • The provided G Suite for Education account belongs to El Paso Academy

Student/faculty found to be misusing their G Suite for Education account will be referred to the school administrator who will handle infractions on a case by case basis. Possible actions for misusing an account include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessing and searching of the provided G Suite for Education account
  • Revoked access to the provided G Suite for Education account (may be temporary or permanent)

Is Information Private on G Suite?

El Paso Academy is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of student/faculty information. El Paso Academy will only provide to Google the student/faculty information that is required in order to create a G Suite for Education account.

Any data that is uploaded or shared through G Suite for Education is secured and protected as outlined in Google's privacy and security center.

For additional information regarding Google's privacy policy, please review the official privacy notice.